The SIZE of the problem in your organisation

This will change what you probably believe

At least 25% of your workforce have emotional disorders effecting their productivity

Any of your staff experiencing emotional disorder are working at a MAXIMUM of 50% capacity

Your staff with emotional disorders are more capable than at least 70% of your workforce

Any person with emotional imbalance is physically impaired by at least 50%

Emotional disorders and their physical effects account for more loss to your business than any other condition

Talking therapies, medication, massage, hypnosis, meditation etc. CANNOT positively influence these issues

Your team can work at 100% efficacy, 100% focus and 100% fulfilment. That's where we come in

The cost equation based on 500 team members

Assumes 40 hour week at £12 hour. Assumption also based on no absenteeism due to these conditions.
Adding work absence to the equation massively increases the lost work hours, productivity and money.

125 people working at 50% capacity = 120,000 lost work hours per year
At just £12 hour = £1,440,000 loss per year

The Solution your organisation & society need

Imagine a resource that could identify the predisposition to developing emotional disorders, prevent them from happening & quickly remove them if they have already developed

Now imagine applying that knowledge in corporate settings, education, the armed & emergency services, in health settings, the prison service & general health-care

You have the potential to immediately, dramatically and positively effect every aspect of your organisation's and employee's health, wellbeing & productivity

Immediate, anonymous access to mental and physical health resources & qualified support wherever you are

Boost productivity

By simply balancing physical and mental equilibrium, you recalibrate the human mind to respond appropriately in every environment. The Module increases productivity.

Enhance Intellect

By returning the body and mind to full, natural function, you reactivate resources that have previously been diverted by perceived risk... anxiety and stress.

Realise Potential

When a person returns to full physical and intellectual function, they can easily access those resources which release and maximise their potential.

Erase Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are conditions they are not associated with appropriate physical and emotional responses. Correct the disorder and promote order.

Discrete access on your desktop, phone or tablet, wherever you are.

Immediate access, discrete physical & mental health wellness for your facility, school or workplace - for absolute peace of mind

Why send your people home or out-of-house for expensive, time consuming, therapies and resources?

Why not give them the only accredited, dedicated recovery resource for a fraction of the price and time?


Benefits to the user...

Benefits to the provider...

Of course the overiding benefit is the release of potential, happiness & fulfilment for your team member

Please give me a minute of your time

Imagine for a second that everything that people are told about anxiety disorders, low mood, CFS, ME, stress, insomnia, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, obsessive conditions and phobias (etc.) is wrong...

You don't have to believe me, just look for the evidence. You won't find such an enormous, historic raft of case studies, testimonials and good will anywhere else in the world. our unique therapy has changed over 200,000 lives we know of and one day will become THE first-line treatment option for these disorders.

Sufferers don't need to attend sessions, be absent from work, take drugs, suffer loss of reputation or money... they need swift instruction on how to solve the problem fast. That's what we do and have been doing since 1997. Now we provide Emotivate with our tools and resources in order for them to provide what we do through a wide variety of networks.

Charles Linden
Director. Linden Tree Corporation

Who's THE MODULE for?

Ultimately, it's for the end user, but it can reach them through...

Corporate settings
Retail - As an 'in-store' offering
Insurance companies - Internally and for clients
Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP's)
Education facilities at all levels Schools - for ages 7 upwards
Armed forces facilities
Police facilities
Ambulance service
Clinical settings for staff and patients
In fact... wherever their are people!

Who needs THE MODULE?

Actually, everyone... it's like a brain 'reboot', taking people back to
their 'birth preset' emotional and physical responses.


Systemic deactivation of STRESS & ANXIETY. True recovery

Drug Free

No drugs necessary.
No need to change current medication

No studying or 'practising'

No note taking, no studying, no 'self-examination', no soul searching!

For all ages

For use by people of all ages from toddlers to pensioners!

Remote access

Remote access by any mobile enabled or desktop device

Simple interface

Wherever you are, quickly find the tools & resources you need

THE MODULE'S dashboard really is 'childs-play'

Developed for speed of access, usability and quality, THE MODULE utilises a simple colour coded dashboard style navigation. Media elements load in the background and each click activates a dynamically generated video, audio or written presenter that loads quickly wherever you are. Support and guidance are accessed through our support ticket system and telephone.You have to roll up your sleeves and be a stonecutter before you become a sculptor – command of craft precedes art.

The Pocket Module

Once you have created your anonymous account within the base unit, you can activate features of the module on your smartphone.

You can listen and watch, accessing the tools, relaxations, support and guidance wherever you are... all you need is 3G, 4G or WIFI network connectivity.

No matter your age...

We have clients from 4 years
to 96 years of age

Or how long you've suffered...

Time suffered or severity do not have any bearing on recovery time

It's simple, fast and curative

It's like eating to 'cure' hunger, it really can't fail to work

It works for every person

It can't fail. It's as natural and as simple as eating to cure hunger.

It rebalances your body & mind

Allowing you to focus on the important factors of your life

Never feel alone again

Apps, support, guidance and reassurance on any device

Installed in minutes

Quickly installed in your facility or place of work. As long as we have a data connection, you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes. THE MODULE consists of a Retina Screen iMac, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and high quality headphones. THE MODULE is pre-loaded with our video, audio and on-screen software resources and support portal.

Anonymous & secure

No one will ever know that you have registered for or are accessing THE MODULE. If your organisation wishes to access any personal information, this can be agreed between you and them, otherwise, no one will know. All internal data is encrypted for your security.

Immediate access

Users create their own login credentials providing immediate access to the resources and support. Each user has unlimited access for the period of its provision.

Recovery Resources & more

In addition to structured stress and anxiety recovery programmes, THE MODULE provides a raft of webinars, videos, audios and advice focused on fast recovery and structured, beneficial life-coaching to enhance every aspect of your life.

Tools for relaxation & de-stressing

Whether a user wishes to access a recovery programme or just wishes to spend a few minutes to de-stress using one of the tools, THE MODULE is pre-loaded with everything they will need to find relief and reassurance.

Accredited, unlimited PAR* Support

This provision entirely replaces any need for other therapies or resources

Support is focused on fast and permanent alleviation of stress and anxiety related issues including low-mood, panic, phobias, low confidence and any related manifestations of these conditions. Support is provided by highly experienced, LAR accredited support Specialists on an unlimited basis. Our support team are MBACP/BPS members.

How does it work?

After installing THE MODULE at your facility...

Your access to THE MODULE and Mobile App

Once THE MODULE has been installed at your facility, which is usually in a discrete space, your operatives/employees can log-in, using a self-generated membership ID and access all of the programmes and guidance they need in order to better understand and deal with their stress, anxiety or low mood... without medication.

There are also structured modules of advice posture, diet, substance use/abuse, work/life balance exercise and other factors that can contribute to or cause physical and emotional disharmony and conditions.

Why Does
it Work?

Based on confirmed science
        & 20 years experience...

This wasn't 'dreamed up' over-night or created by a team of marketing buffs, these resources are the result of over 19 years experience, practice, trials and consistent curative outcomes.

Our team are psychologists, psychotherapists and recovery practitioners who have helped many tens of thousands of people to overcome their anxiety, stress, phobias, obsessions and low mood and the resources, materials and programmes contained within THE MODULE are trialled, time and people tested resources that are accredited to a professional level and used in practice world-over.

What is the 'science'?

Identification, prevention, recovery

Uniquely, we can identify those predisposed these conditions long before they ever suffer.

We can prevent those with the predisposition from ever suffering.
We can remove these conditions with 100% efficacy

You know how people get 'fit'... by repeating a set pattern of physical exercises to adjust internal  responses like heart-rate and respiration... well that's how evolution has set up our bodies and minds to adjust to our environments and our actions within them.

Imagine if you knew how to 'input data' through your senses, that 'convinces' your physical and emotional responses to go back into equilibrium... like rebooting yourself back to YOU v.1

That, in a nutshell, is how all our resources and programmes work... they instruct your body and mind to return to full, systemic, synergy... to work together to bring about and maintain wellbeing.

This isn't 'new' science... it's just science... it's just that over 20 years and millions of people we have helped (around 20 million so far)... we have discovered how to 'play YOUR system'. Uniquely, we are the only organisation to utilise this science in this way, which is why our curative outcomes are unmatched. Our accredited therapy, LAR, is proven to have a 100% efficacy in fully removing stress and anxiety

LAR isn't just about anxiety and stress though...'s about full restoration of what you were born to be.

What powers THE MODULE?

LAR is the world's only accredited, dedicated emotional balance therapy. The therapy is delivered through THE MODULE, through home learning programmes and residential programmes.

The programmes are supported by PAR Specialists. PAR is Peer Assisted Recovery. Our practitioners are mental health professionals such as psychologists and psychotherapists who are also ex-sufferers of these conditions and are qualified to a professional level as a recovery practitioner.

The NCFE accredit the practitioner training at level 4. Our team are also members of the BPS or BACP.

The science and the practice model behind the programmes has been used by hundreds of thousands of people since 1997 when the programme was developed. Our organisation is the only one to utilise this model and it must only be used by trained practitioners holding a practice license. We can train practitioners to work under license in any facility.

Simple instructions

It's as easy as A, B, C  - Kids of seven years do this with ease and it is used by people of all academic abilities.


Unmatched knowledge

The science makes so much sense. No psycho-babble, no jargon, just plain explanations of the conditions and recovery.


Simple structure

Video led instructions, webinars, audio resources and a simple day structure to expedite and seal recovery.



Unamatched guidance from the most experienced anxiety and stress recovery experts, life coaches and psychologists.

Perfect Solution for all People of Any Age.

Everything you would ever need to both prevent and recover from, stress, anxiety and depression!

Everything you will need to bring emotional & physical equilibrium to your team

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